Hosting for your WordPress Website

Your website needs a home! A garage, if you will. Somewhere to store it, to keep it safe and in great condition. At WP Website Care, we not only care for your WordPress website, but we can host it as well. We’ve created one unique hosting solution that can be bundled with our care package, that suits most WordPress websites. Have a look below to see what’s included.

Let us host your website, along with one of our Website Care packages

What’s included with our WP Website Care hosting?

WordPress Website

WP Website Care’s hosting comes ready with a WordPress website installed.

SSL Certificate

Using the latest technology and automation, we offer a basic SSL certificate with our WP Website Care hosting.

Local Server

WP Website Care’s hosting is located in Sydney and can offer speeds up to 10x faster than sites hosted overseas.

Website Migration

If you have a WordPress website hosted with someone else; WP Website Care will migrate it to our server for FREE!

5GB Disk Space

Our WP Website Care hosting comes with 5GB of storage, which is ample room for the average WordPress website. Speak to us if you need a custom solution with more storage.

Email Forwarder

WP Website Care can create an email account linked to your domain (e.g.: yourname@yourdomain.com) and forward the emails directly to your primary email inbox. (Note: We do not offer email storage, however speak to us if you’d like help setting up a Google Business account).

Domain Name

WP Website Care will point your domain name to our server, so everyone can see your website. For an additional fee, all ABN holders can also purchase their domain through us.

Website Care

Our hosting has been uniquley created to bundle together with our monthly Website Care plans. Look here for more details.

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